Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Virtual Stamp Night fun

So here are two more cards for the Virtual Stamp night/day, Saturday. Didn't get around to doing as much as I'd like, since friends are coming over soon. I have to do the dishes from our brunch the hubby made. It took me a bit to clean up the craft/spare bedroom also, since it was an explosion of craft stuff for the VSN. I also started to slowly move my clear stamps into clear cd jewel cases. It ready does take up less space and helps me organize them more. I just need to find more cases...the hubby has them packed away somewhere around here.
So tonight we plan on going to this great little restaurant/bar a few blocks away. It is in the old train station building that they converted into a nice Italian place. The hubby and I went there to eat on V-day (great food) and then we decided to bring a friend along to check out their bar later that night. After great drinks and decent prices, we staggered home (since we walked). Tonight, the rest of our buds have decided to join us in chilling at the bar. I'm not a big drinker, I only really like fruity drinks. The cool thing is the one bartender will make basically anything. I never know what to get, so I said, make me a fruity drink. He brings out this green thing in a martini glass called, of all things, "Alien Secretions." The name makes it sound HORRID, but let me tell you, it was wonderful. Like I said before, I don't drink much, but that was great!
Anyways, I got a lot accomplished card wise this weekend, so its about time for me to relax, since Sunday's I work now. Remember to check out Fun-Frilled tomorrow (Sunday) for my card and the last day of the challenge to have a chance to win some cool stuff! 
Hope you all enjoy!

I know, Xmas is over, but the stamps just called to be this way. This is for the "K" challenge, aka. Long Lost Love- use stamps that have been long and lost to you for a while.


This is for Challenge J-Window into my soul: had to use acetate somewhere, so I created this acetate sparkle "pocket" where the sequins can move around inside.

This is the inside of the card. You can't see it in the front view well since the card is standing up, but you actually can see this pattern through the clear window when the card is closed.

Just 4U! I love thickers letters!


  1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - LOL You have been busy cardmaking the last few days - wow, girl!
    Hope you made it home safely; those girly fruity drinks get you lit don't taste the alcohol and just suck 'em up and then before you know it you are kissing the guy sitting next to you that you didn't even come with - ROTFL

  2. haha. We made it home safe and sound, since it is a few blocks away, we all walked. I went with my hubby, two of our guy friends and my best friend Cat. None of us went too overboard, so it is all good. :)


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